May 082012

“Creating and applying socially, ethically and professionally acceptable ICT systems: current challenges and what next?”
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Friday, 8 June 2012-Saturday 9 June 2012

A joint workshop co-organised by IFIP’s
working group 9.2 on social accountability and computers and
special interest group 9.2.2 on the framework for ethics of computing


  • This workshop focuses on working to develop theories, strategies, methods, and tools to be used by designers and users for the creation and application of socially, ethically and professionally acceptable ICT systems. The workshop will consist of short presentations structured around these key issues, and will especially focus on – in the second half of the workshop – what has to be done in the future.
    • What has already been done to fulfil this aim? What is going on? How have such tools been applied? How should they be applied? What is needed? What has to be done in future?
  • Working group and special interest group members and friends are encouraged to join the meeting, as well especially as “Uppsallers” and Swedish people – business executives, supporters of civic society, and researchers/scholars – concerned by creating acceptable ICT systems.
  • One of the working group’s three main aims is about “enabling and encouraging designers and users of computer systems to make a human choice, i.e., a choice which takes into account human needs and wishes”. This workshop fits perfectly in this direction. The ethical element of the workshop’s work also fits with the orientation of IFIP 9.2.2’s special interest group on the framework for ethics of computing.
  • It is anticipated that it will be possible to publish the workshop presentations made in a special issue of a high-quality journal after the event. More information will be available at the workshop itself.
If you are interested in attending, please contact us via the Contact Us form for more information.
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