Jun 252012

“Enabling and encouraging designers and users of computer systems to make a human choice” is crucial. An IFIP working group and special interest group jointly organised a workshop in Uppsala, Sweden on 8-10 June 2012 to focus on this challenge.[1]


Members and friends of IFIP WG9.2 and SIG9.2.2 participate in the workshop.

Turning ethical design into a collaborative, social process was a major concern[2]. Means of taking positive action covered laws, codes of practice, education, ethical research and development, and ethical design methods. Participants considered pressing questions such as: patients’ access to electronic health records[3], and close-to-body and in-body sensors[4].

The meeting started with insights into ICT use in social care, healthcare and well-being in Sweden. Also covered were information security; social media use; cloud computing; speed in technology development; and data privacy by design. Presenters came from Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. They covered academic, industry, and local authority perspectives.

Young researchers, Ryoko Asai and Miranda Kajtazi from Uppsala University and Linnaeus University, reflected on their experience:

The workshop was “vital and fruitful for innovative research to tackle comprehensively the future of human endeavours in relation to technology.” … “[It] contributed to participants’ research motivation, driving and supporting younger researchers.” … “I’m sure we will share knowledge through collaborating with each other.”

Members and friends of IFIP WG9.2 and SIG 9.2.2 gather outside Uppsala University’s main building.

This workshop and all IFIP’s latest news are reported in the IFIP June newsletter.[5]


[1] IFIP TC9 working group 9.2 on social accountability and computing and special interest group 9.2.2 on the framework of ethics of computing http://ifiptc9.csir.co.za/index.html

[2] Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University  – Ethics in IT http://www.it.uu.se/research/project/itethics

[4] Guardian Angels http://www.ga-project.eu/

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