Jul 292012

News from IFIP

IFIP Board meeting minutes. Anyone interested can access these on the IFIP website at http://www.ifip.org/

IFIP June 2012 newsletter (including a report on IFIP WG’s June 2012 Uppsala workshop): http://www.ifip.org/images/stories/ifip/public/Newsletter/2011to2012/news _jun_2012.pdf

24-26 September 2012. IFIP’s 22nd World Computer Congress has the theme of “Towards an innovative, secure and sustainable information society” and takes place in Amsterdam. See http://www.wcc-2012.org/

News from IFIP technical committee 9 on computers and society

Thursday-Friday 27-28 September 2012. Human Choice and Computers (HCC10) conference on Thursday and Friday 27-28 September 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on “ICT Infrastructures and Society”. http://ifiptc9.csir.co.za/conference.html Numerous papers of interest to WG9.2 members that fit with the theme of our February 2012 (Middlesex) workshop on infrastructures; the IFIP WG9.2 Namur Award 2012 ceremony to be presented to Professor Stefano Rodotà of Italy; a WG9.2 supper that will be focused (if possible) around an invitation to many of our original Dutch WG9.2 members; and, last but not least, we anticipate a meeting dedicated to Digital Futures 2050. Members and friends are most welcome, even if you have not been able to present a paper! But please see the associated conference fee.

All official representatives of national computing societies or chairs of Technical Committee 9 working groups/special interest groups will meet in Amsterdam on Saturday 29 September 2012 at the VU university. The minutes of the last meeting which took place in Rome in July 2011 (and all previous minutes) are available at: http://ifiptc9.csir.co.za/

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