March 1, 2024

#ifip60 Ethics Webinar

To celebrate the 60th anniversary, IFIP have put together a series of 10 events featuring members and associates of IFIP and showcasing the interesting and impressive work they do. Events in the series consist of five or six panelists and a moderator presenting for an hour and fifteen minutes, and run from 30 August to 6 December 2021.

In this session, some of the creators of the IFIP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct will gather to talk about the Code’s importance. In today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape, it is vital to set explicit boundaries and outline clear values. To quote from the Code’s preamble: “The entire computing profession benefits when the ethical decision-making process is accountable to and transparent to all stakeholders. Open discussions about ethical issues promote this accountability and transparency.”

Details of the event are available at the Jubilee microsite on the main website.