IFIP Mission Statement

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is the global non-profit umbrella organization of societies of ICT professionals that aims at achieving a worldwide professional and socially responsible development and application of information and communication technologies. This goal is accomplished by enhancing international cooperation amongst individuals, national and international organizations in all aspects of research, development and application of ICT, by disseminating and exchanging information, by educating and enhancing public understanding, by increasing professionalism in the ICT workforce and by promoting global digital equity. IFIP is in a unique position to do so through its membership structure and its lines of activities.
IFIP was 50 years old in 2010 and continues to grow.

Human Choice and Computers

It is crucial to understand how ICT innovation is associated with change in society. Human Choice and Computers – a series of conferences organised by the International Federation of Information Processing’s (IFIP) Technical Committee 9 (TC9) – focuses on this critical issue. It works to shape socially responsible and ethical policies and professional practices in the information society. The themes pertinent to the work of IFIP TC9 are covered at this conference.

IFIP is recognized by the United Nations and other world bodies, with National Computing Societies as its primary membership, and thirteen Technical Committees considering issues of importance through a host of specialist working groups. These working groups include a great number of computing, information systems, and social science academics, as well as industry representatives.

The last HCC conference, HCC11, was held in Turku, Finland (2014). HCC10 was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012), HCC9 was in Brisbane, Australia (2010), HCC8 was in Pretoria, South Africa (2008), HCC7 was in Maribor, Slovenia (2006), HCC6 was in Montreal, Canada (2002), HCC5 was in Geneva, Switzerland (1998), HCC4 was in Dublin, Ireland (1990), HCC3 was in Stockholm, Sweden (1985), HCC2 was in Baden, Austria (1979), and HCC1 was in Vienna, Austria (1974).

As Manchester is the European City of Science in 2016 it is very appropriate for the conference, as HCC12, to at last come to the UK in 2016.

Media City UK


The venue is the MediaCityUK University of Salford campus at Salford Quays. Salford Quays is the exciting redevelopment of the inland port of Manchester- originally the second largest port in the UK. The BBC’s new northern headquarters, in particular, and the impressive piazza often used for public events, are next door to the University of Salford’s own presence at MediaCityUK. Salford Quays is linked to the centre of Manchester, with its large range of hotels and restaurants, by a frequent tram service. There is also an excellent range of hotels at Salford Quays, within easy walking distance so that delegates can choose to stay near the conference venue but make use of the easy access to the city centre for evening entertainment. There is also an excellent range of restaurants at Salford Quays.

This is a space where science and creativity collide to deliver the big digital ideas of the future – a new world requiring talented people from different disciplines to think and work together.