Chair: Robert DAVISON

est. 1989, revised 2007


  •     to collect, exchange and disseminate experiences of information and communications technology (ICT) implementation in developing countries;
  •     to develop a consciousness amongst professionals, policy makers and public on social implications of ICT in developing nations;
  •     to develop criteria, theory, methods, and guidelines for design and implementation of culturally adapted information systems;
  •     to create a greater interest in professionals from industrialized countries to focus on issues of special relevance to developing countries through joint activities with other Technical Committees.


  •     national ICT policy issues;
  •     culturally adapted computer technology and information systems;
  •     role of transnational corporations, regional and international cooperation and self-sufficiency in informatics;
  •     social awareness of ICT and ICT literacy.


Our next conference takes place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in May 2019