The Working Group on the Implications of Information and Digital Technologies for Development is dedicated to research and action in the social issues of sustainable development.

Chair: Prof. Robert Davison
Established: 1989
Revised: 2007, 2020

Officially designated as Working Group 9.4 of the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) the group has the following Aims and Scope.


  • To collect, exchange and disseminate the social, cultural, economic, environmental, and political experiences of information and digital technology implementation in all the contexts of the ‘Global South’ as well as disadvantaged groups in societies more generally.
  • To develop greater awareness amongst professionals, policy makers and the public on the social and ethical implications of information and digital technologies for development.
  • To develop criteria, guidelines, methods and theory (including indigenous ones) appropriate to the study of information and digital technologies for development.
  • To establish international collaboration networks of researchers and practitioners interested in the use of information and digital technology for addressing the complex and pressing problems of development in society.
  • To mentor academics and PhD students from across the international collaboration network.
  • To promote sustainability and inclusion in all the arenas where we undertake research and practice, with particular focus on development.
  • To enable open access to content wherever possible so as to ensure that all stakeholders can freely benefit from the research that we undertake.


  • International, national, regional and local ICT policy issues.
  • Culturally adapted digital technology and information systems.
  • The role of local, regional (including South-South), triangular and international cooperation and self-sufficiency in the development and application of information and digital technology for addressing societal challenges and related to sustainable development.
  • Social awareness of information and digital literacy, paying particular attention to disadvantaged communities more generally.

WG 9.4 invites researchers and practitioners in the fields of digital and information technology who are interested in sustainable development to join its activities.

The WG is open to anyone seriously interested in our topic and willing to contribute in some way. There is no membership fee. Membership depends on having attended at least two of our meetings within the last six years. Updated lists of members will be communicated to IFIP HQ after each meeting. We also maintain a mailing list of people who do not yet meet the membership requirements but who are interested to kept informed about our events. You can join this list (or update your details on it) by contacting the secretary.