March 1, 2024

WG9-3 Intelligent Communities

Formerly: “Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics”


To stimulate debate and disseminate research on the complex connections between communities, intelligence, and information and communication technologies. WG 9.3 seeks to bring together many disciplines and perspectives bearing on the interaction between community and intelligent technology.


Intelligent communities and community informatics are closely related interdisciplinary fields aiming to empower communities and support their social, cultural, and economic development.  WG9.3 aims to focus on the social implications of these fields including:

  • actual and potential social impacts of these technologies and their applications;
  • developments of the underlying social infrastructure enabling such technologies;
  • impact and ownership of community informatics projects in developing countries;
  • rationale in innovation and design processes in community informatics projects;
  • impact and ownership of community informatics projects in vulnerable groups, e.g. people with disabilities, the elderly, cultural minorities, etc.