March 1, 2024


The International Federation for Information Processing is the leading multinational, apolitical organisation in Information and Communications Technologies and Sciences. IFIP has a formal consultative partnership relation with UNESCO, is listed as an international non-governmental organization (NGO), and recognised by other world bodies, and represents IT Societies from 56 countries and regions, linking over 3500 scientists from Academia and Industry. It comprises over 100 working groups clustered around 13 Technical Committees.

The IFIP Technical Committee 9 (TC9) on ICT and Society focuses on understanding how ICT innovation is associated with change in society, and upon issues of ethics and professionalism. TC9 comprises ten working groups (WGs) and representatives of the national computer societies of IFIP.

The main work of the TC9 is conducted through its working groups, which organise workshops, conferences and events regularly. Additionally, the TC9 organises collectively the series of conferences Human Choice and Computers (HCC). This is a well established forum for the study of ICT and Society – the first HCC conference took place in Vienna in 1974, while the last took place in Tokyo in 2022.

David Kreps became Chair TC9 on 1/1/18.  Holder of the IFIP Silver Core Award, (in recognition of significant achievements of the recipient that are important from the point of view of the mission and goals of IFIP) David is also a member of the IFIP Board, and a philosopher of information systems based at the University of Galway, Ireland.