March 1, 2024

WG9.7 – History of Computing

est. 1992

Chair: Chris LESLIE


  • To provide a central vehicle for information interchange regarding the methods and techniques of historio-graphy, especially as related to the opportunities for the studies of contemporary history.
  • To provide expertise for the design, implementation and operation of archives and displays related to the history of information processing.
  • To encourage the development of national archives.
  • To develop a program of “‘Pioneers’ Days” which recognize the contribution of pioneers and anniversaries of major events.
  • To identify pioneers worthy of an appreciation and distinction and make “IFIP Pioneer Awards”.
  • To develop publication plans for histories of Information Processing.
  • To promote the inclusion of historical modules in appropriate curricula. 


The history of computing and informatics with a view to providing the impetus to preserve the records and artifacts of information processing inventions, practices and activities throughout the world under the auspices of IFIP and its constituent organizations. One special focus is the socio-historical context and consequences of Information Technologies.